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Mom walking through the vineyard holding toddler girls' hand. Both wearing dresses.

your story

this is 

I'm just here to help you capture it

let's take a few steps back from those awkwardly posed photos, and shoot a session that is completely candid

Dad and toddler daughter walking on grass
Two toddler boys sitting on sidewalk. One boy wearing sombrero.
Dad kissing baby boy on the forehead
Little girl looking at camera

our adventure start?

where does

Have a location in mind that makes your heart race? Tell me all about it, and we can start our adventure there.

If your mind is running blank, that's okay too! Give me the honor of going location scouting to find the perfect location for our session! 

I'll totally take your hopes and dreams for our session, and run with it! 

Mom holding toddler son on her lap in field.
A family of four hugging
dad kissing daughter
little boy smiling into camera
little girl holding baby sister
family sitting on the front porch smiling
little boy sitting on his dads shoulders

Are you ready?

let's do this

I'm ready to capture your story.
And I can't wait to meet your little family! 

a family of 18 people including grandparents, siblings, and grand children
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